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lake bogoria

The Rift Valley Lakes
The Great Rift Valley is a place of natural beauty, and what better place to experience the incredible beauty than in the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes where prolific wildlife and birdlife meet.

Along the length of the Rift Valley lies a chain of Seven lakes. Each of the lakes is captivating in its own way but a notable characteristic is, not a single one of them has an obvious outflow. Rainfall water from surrounding land pours in and more or less stays there in the shallow pans. Another interesting fact about these lakes is, all are saline except two. This is due to high evaporation rates in the region, causing an accumulation of salts and minerals in the waters.

Below we take a deep view of the seven lakes along with their additional fun details.

Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake, snaking down the Eastern Rift Valley wall at about 62 Miles (100Kms). While here, you’ll not only enjoy the panoramic view of the lake, but also the magnificent views of extinct volcanoes, Suswa and Longonot. You’ll also be spoiled by the vast wildlife species including-Giraffes, Zebras, Buffalos, the intriguing WaterBuck, and Hippos manicuring the lakeshore. And that’s not all, the birdlife here is abundant including the African Fish Eagle, Osprey, African Jacana to mention but a few. Did I mention boat rides, you’ll enjoy those too! You can imagine what a day at Lake Naivasha is like, lots of fun right?

Enashipai Resort
Enashipai is a Masai word meaning ‘A place of happiness’, and Enashipai Resort in Naivasha delivers true happiness in its inviting and indulgently spacious rooms. All rooms provide scenic views of the surrounding hills with immaculate gardens along the banks. There is wireless super fast internet connection, mini bars to wind up your day and Cable TV with premium entertainment channels. A stay here promises an experience beyond imagination.

Naivasha Sopa Lodge
Naivasha Sopa Lodge features 21 cottages built in intriguing, modish crescent shapes. The lodge is beautiful with spacious rooms, a tranquil atmosphere and interesting architecture. All rooms have large frontal windows that allows you enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the breathtaking views of wildlife gracefully wandering on the extensive lawns. Simply amazing!

Sawela Lodges
Sawela Lodges is a nice, serene place featuring-spacious rooms, elegant furniture designs and huge, lush green grounds. The rooms have gigantic windows that allow in the cool breeze from the nearby Lake, delivering a calming ambience for deep relaxation. Guests get to enjoy a 24hr free wifi and a swimming pool facility. The gorgeous Sawela Lodges is definitely an ideal place to be for a scenic, quiet, and homely stay!

Lake Bogoria
Looking to enjoy the spectacular African scenery in full solitude, an ideal place to be is at Lake Bogoria. The saline lake lies in the Northern region of the Rift Valley and it boasts plentiful birdlife. The scenery here makes it one of the most spectacular sights in the whole of Kenya particularly because of its superb display of bluish hills and the strangely coloured swampy crusts that spit a pungent smell and steam jets. Not to mention, the Flamingo’s pink brush strokes along with a backdrop of the Laikipia Escarpment, making Lake Bogoria an unrivalled scenery and a perfect destination for an exciting getaway.

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort
The resort is located in an incredible, serene setting that offers a world class accommodation ranging from Executive rooms, Cottages, Juniour Suites, Standard rooms and Camping facilities. There are 6 executive rooms that are fully air conditioned with spacious en suite bathroom, Cable Tv, Spacious Lounge and 4 poster beds. On the other hand is the captivating, spacious cottages that exude class with the ornate Masai designs and a serene environment that can be enjoyed through the bay windows. Juniour suites match executive rooms assuring your little ones ultimate comfort as well. The 25 self contained standard rooms are spacious with prominent rustic African furniture, Cable TVs and Minibars. Lake Bogoria Spa Resort is simply a paradise!

Lake Baringo
Lake Baringo is a fascinating place located in the remote far north of Kenya with prominent outlandish landscapes and birdlife. The fresh water lake is home to more than 470 bird species and an important stop for migratory birds both inter-Africa and Globally. The lake has 7 fish species and a wide range of wildlife including-Hippos, Crocodiles, Zebras, Klipspringer, Grant’s Gazelle, Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck and the rare Kudu. It’s here that you also get to enjoy Camel rides, boat rides and water sports including Ski and Wind-surfing.

Soi Safari Lodge
The lodge’s design has a local tinge featuring an olympic size swimming pool and 46 luxurious ,elegant rooms. All rooms are fitted with en-suite bathrooms. The balconies from all rooms allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Baringo, Laikipia Escarpments across the lake, lovely acacia trees and a compound partially patched with rocks portraying originality. Truly amazing!

Samatian Island Lodge
The stunning lodge is located on its own island surrounded by Lake Baringo. I know a private Island is something dreams are made of, and yeah at Samatian Island Lodge you’ll have the Island all by yourself. The lodge features 4 airy, open-plan thatched rooms, 2 rooms are family units comprising a partitioned bedroom, verandah, sitting room and bathroom. You can only expect so much fun, comfort and peace while here!

Lake Nakuru
In the beautiful Lake Nakuru Nakuru National Park lies the picturesque Lake Nakuru. While here, besides the wide rich ecological diversity including the surrounding escarpment and ridges, you will enjoy bird watching, hiking, picnic and Game drives. Lake Nakuru is not only the greatest Bird Spectacle in Kenya, but it’s also a wildlife Haven with Defassa Waterbucks and predators like the Masai Lion, Kenyan Cheetah and African Leopard. Ever seen a python in your life? If not, prepare yourself for a treat as they can be seen crossing the road or dangling from the trees. A visit to Lake Nakuru is definitely highly recommended.

Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Sarova Hill Game Lodge is uniquely situated in a National park and it features-67 luxury chalets divided into 64 spacious standard rooms and 3 suites all with a cosy atmosphere with sweeping views of the lake. Based on your personal accommodation requirements, you can almost guess Sarova Lion Hill Lodge spoils you for choice from the many options available.

Lake Nakuru Lodge
The lodge accommodation features 95 spacious deluxe rooms all with ensuite bathrooms and gorgeous setting overlooking Lake Nakuru. Infact, you don’t even have to leave your room to enjoy the beautiful views of the amazing nature with birds and animals. You can enjoy all the beauty right from your room. Lake Nakuru Lodge is the Perfect place to stay especially if you’re on a game drive.

Flamingo Hill Tented Camp
The tented camp is located within Lake Nakuru national park. The tents are well maintained, luxurious, spacious and comfortable. It’s a unique and wonderful place to enjoy a tranquil environment with splendid view of the garden and park. For nature lovers, Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

Lake Elementeita
The small, sapphire blue soda lake is uniquely situated between Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. Lake Elementeita is iconic in the Rift Valley as it’s a breeding and feeding ground for many endangered bird species. The scenic beauty here comprise of hot springs, over 400 bird species and wildlife including Zebra, Gazelle, Eland, Warthog and the rare Rothschild Giraffe. These combined with the breathtaking views of the Lake deliver ultimate evocative beauty nature has to offer.

Elementaita Country Lodge
The lodge features-Deluxe rooms, Cottages and standard rooms located in Bougainvillea filled gardens. All rooms feature elegant African designs with own balconies overlooking the lake. It’s truly an incredible place for a true African experience.

Lake Elementaita Serena Camp
The camp is located within Soysambu wildlife conservancy featuring 24 luxury tents all with beautiful views of the lake. The posh tents are spacious and spread out for privacy, plus they have all the amenities you need within them. The jaw dropping accommodation is a chunk of paradise waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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