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How Much an African Safari Cost

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How much an African safari costs entirely depends on a variety of factors. Here we break down to you those factors.

African safari costs are varied and range anything from $ 125 per night to $ 2,000 per night.

There are factors that are considered when we come to these figures. However, depending on your budget and level of comfort, we are able to tailor-make your safari to meet your expectations.

The Budget safari will cost approximately $ 200 per night, Mid-range Safari $ 350 per night, luxury safari $ 900 per night and the Extreme Luxury / Luxury + 3,000 per night.

Below, we shall discuss the factors that affect the final safari costing to your safari.

  1. Lodge/camp/Hotel

The lodge/camp/hotel is one of the most integral factors for a safari. Here we consider factors like rooms, meals and service. While some lodges will be basic on service delivery, we have accommodation facilities that will go an extra mile in service delivery offering that extra that really goes a long way. Some hotels will have their rooms stocked with shampoos, gels, bug repellant, hair driers, WI-FI. When we come to foods, they provide special consideration for kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine. Additionally, we cater to any special dietary requirements the guests may have.

  1. Seasonality

The tourism industry is seasonal which means the visitor number can e high or low. Jul – October is usually a peak season for Kenya and Tanzania and the rates are high. This is as a result of the Wildebeest Migration which is world wonder and attracts millions of visitors who come from all corners of the world to experience this magic. Thus, the guests have to dig deeper for their safari. April – May are low seasons and January, February, November and part of December in exception of Christmas are High seasons.

  1. Transport

This will commonly refer to how you move. The parks in Kenya and Tanzania re not tarmacked and thus safari vehicles are most preferred mode of transport as you get to pass the small town and cities in the country as you see the amazing landscape.

However, due to distances of one park to the other, road can be tiring to some clients thus they prefer to go by air which is a faster and less tiresome. Transport by air will be expensive as opposed to a road transport and will definitely have an impact to your safari.

  1. Location of the Lodge/Camp/Hotel

Lodges/camps which are located inside the National parks or Game Reserves are notably costly. However, the quality of game drive while inside the park is good. Some lodges/camps have an exclusive location to private conservancies enjoying some level of privacy. These kind of camps and lodges will tend to be expensive for such a reason.

  1. Entrance fees

All parks in Kenya, Tanzania Uganda, & Rwanda have entrance fees which are charged to every single client that enters the park. The amounts range from park to the other depending on the quality of attraction the park is thought to have.

  1. Extra Activities;

Here we refer to activities such as Balloon Safari, Boat rides, Horse rides safaris, game walks, bush lunch, dinner or breakfast. These activities spice up a safari in a very special way however, they have a price to them.

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